Life Insurance

Whole Life Insurance

  • Guaranteed permanent protection and cash value accumulation combined with tax-advantaged* access to cash value.

Universal and Variable Universal Life

  • Universal Life provides permanent protection with the flexibility to adjust premium payments.  Variable Life offers permanent protection combined with investment potential.

Term Life

  • Cost-effective short term protection for a fixed period of time.

Life Insurance Product Overview PDF

*Tax-advantaged means that a distribution of cash values may be income tax free provided the policy stays in force, it is not a Modified Endowment Contract 9MEC) and it is  structured properly – withdraw to cost basis and borrow earnings.
A Modified Endowment Contract (MEC) is a type of life insurance contract that is subject to first-in-first-out (FIFO) ordinary income tax treatment, similar to distributions from an annuity.  The distribution is also subject to a 10% tax penalty on the gain portion of the policy if the owner is under age 59 ½.  The death benefit is generally income tax free.